As a health and safety expert, I searched a lot on the internet about how to clean a house during an epidemic in several countries and its spread.
So I made sure to study all aspects of this epidemic and worked to implement it in my home, taking this procedure daily and sometimes more than once a day. It is not because of the obsessive hygiene, but only to help reduce the high levels of coronavirus.

Steps to take to reduce Coronavirus and not spread it at home


  • Make sure to clean your home daily with sterile materials. A little chlorine works well.
  • Be sure to clean the hand of doors and windows with sterile materials for every use.
  • Be sure to clean the toilets and bathrooms with sterile cleaning materials. Wipe the faucets with sterilizers after each use, especially after you return home.
  • Make sure to clean the kitchen daily and after each use.
  • Be sure to clean the cleaning tools and place them in a closed place after each use. Wash the mops with soap and water at a high temperature.
  • Change towels, bed linen and pillows daily if possible. Wash them at a moderate temperature and with suitable washing powder.
  • Make sure to iron the clothes before using them.
  • Treat surfaces daily with antiseptic and disinfecting materials.
  • Make sure to keep your personal tools clean and sterile, and for personal use only.
  • Make sure to remove and sterilize the shoes that are used outside the home after each use.
  • Make sure to clean your phone with antiseptic daily, as well as computers and a TV or Playstation controller.
  • Make sure to clean your hands and body daily.
  • Please be sure to keep cleaning supplies out of children's reach. Spread awareness among them and you can teach them hygiene methods.

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  • Make sure to stay hand sanitizer in your possession and avoid contact with people and touch any surface outside the home.
  • Avoid shaking hands when coming home, hugs or kissing.
  • Make sure to allocate one shoe to get out of the house.
  • Make sure to take off your clothes and shoes when entering the house and not stay in them as much as possible. Sterilize your shoes and clothes. Never use clothes again It is best to wash them at a moderate temperature with washing powder.
  • Sterilize your shoes after putting them in a suitable bag by spraying them with an appropriate disinfectant.
  • Wash your hands and the visible areas of your body, preferably take shower.
  • If you have a pet, be sure that he did not leave the house without your knowledge. In the event of going out, please ensure it is clean and sterile when returning home. 


Follow health departments ’instructions when leaving home in your area. It is preferable to stay at home and go out only when needed.