Important Recommendations from us. ( Stop Coronavirus Spread)

1. Isolate yourself from the news about Corona Virus. Everything you need to know, you now know it already.

2. Do not look for the number of dead, as this is not a football match in order to know the final result ... Avoid it.

3. Do not search for additional information on the Internet, as it will weaken your mental state.

 4. Avoid sending frightening and frustrating messages, as some people do not have the same mental strength that they have. Instead of helping them, you will stimulate diseases in them, such as depression.

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 5. Listen to soft music at home, search for games to entertain children, chat with them and tell stories to them.

 6. Maintain discipline at home by washing your hands and placing a banner or alert for everyone who lives with you.

7. Your positive mood will help protect your immune system, while negative thoughts have been shown to weaken your immune system and make it unable to fight viruses.

8. Be careful not to hear and communicate rumors. Your interest in preventive instructions can protect you from the disease. Fear and phobia are more difficult to treat than corona.

9. The most important of all is that you firmly believe in God Almighty that this epidemic will pass and we will all be safe!


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  Be positive ... Be safe!
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