Often a person only knows the value of a thing when he loses it, and from here we stood looking at the potential risks that we are currently experiencing.
In recent times, people have rushed to pharmacies and medical centers to buy protective masks and sterilization materials, and what we have noticed recently is the difficulty of providing these products until they have become very rare.

So as a doctor, I decided to create my own team and found many ideas that I hadn't expected. Our aim was the same interest; is to become a part of humanity. We created this platform and were quick to assess risks and arrange ideas. We started preparing the work on the ground, not because we are heroes, but because we wanted to convince people and increase their awareness and understanding of the coming danger if we did not do what our role as human beings requires.

Imagine that you are the doctor who treats people with corona; you do not have a protective mask! Or even a hand sanitizer or even for wounds!

In the recent period, we have seen many unfortunate events for mankind: thousands of deaths, a lack of equipment, and an increase in prices! We saw how much evil exceeds goodness! We decided to change and spread the culture of humanity and how we have the right to protect humanity on an equal basis and change the reality to make it pleasant for everyone regardless of our roots, origins, religions, races, and nationalities. We decided to spread the culture of one nation, the culture of all humanity!

From this principle, we all set out to be part of this global community, and our goal became clear and real! To be part of the next victory, we look forward to your support in spreading awareness in our societies the culture of humanity! One hand to build a better world!

Our hope is that we will receive support to share our idea from every human being who fights for the sake of all humanity so that the goal becomes the same for all of us. To dream of a near victory over the painful reality! Make yourself the hero of tomorrow, be the savior, and be the whole of humanity!