Your purchase of the products offered by us contributes to reducing the spread of the Coronavirus. It also works to spread awareness among people and between your family and your loved ones.

Human cognition involves many highly interconnected mental processes, such as cognition, attention, memory, and reasoning. Memory refers to the mental process of encoding, preserving, and retrieving environmental information. The human cognitive system deals with the conservation process.

So we created a design that includes colors that remember events and perceptions, and we have included these colors in our designs, and here we explain that.

Red is the color of fire and blood, so it is associated with energy, war, danger, strength, power, determination as well as passion, desire, and love.
Red is a very emotionally intense color. It enhances human metabolism, increases respiration rate, and raises blood pressure. It has very high visibility, which is why stop signs, stoplights, and fire equipment are usually painted red. In heraldry, red is used to indicate courage. It is a color found in many national flags.

Yellow is the color of sunshine. It's associated with joy, happiness, intellect, and energy.

Yellow produces a warming effect, arouses cheerfulness, stimulates mental activity, and generates muscle energy.

Black is associated with power, elegance, formality, death, evil, and mystery.

Black is a mysterious color associated with fear and the unknown (black holes). It usually has a negative connotation (blacklist, black humor). Black denotes strength and authority; it is considered to be a very formal, elegant, and prestigious color (black tie, black Mercedes). In heraldry, black is the symbol of grief.

You can also contribute to spreading our story, spreading our idea, and raising awareness among others by publishing documented and practical information to protect against Coronavirus.

Kindly, if you do not mind, we ask that you share our articles, products, and ideas that will help others!

Keep safe your community, your family, and your loved ones and spread awareness among them!


product specification:

Stop virus spread design.

You can buy this Design for only $ 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. This product will be sent to you via email in a high-quality PNG format. You can print it:

  • on canvas.
  • on wood.
  • on metal.
  • on acrylic. 
  • mural print.
  • on shirts and clothes.



  • You can print this design in any size due to the high accuracy of the design.
  • You can customize with your logo and QR/bar code.


The World Health Organization has classified the coronavirus outbreak as a global health emergency, and governments around the world are taking measures to control the spread of the virus.

The disease caused by the virus, Quaid 19, has killed tens of thousands around the world and infected hundreds of thousands of people in more than 100 countries, including China, Italy, Spain, and the United States.

We adopt partnership with medical teams around the world, by providing the medical supplies necessary to combat the Corona pandemic. Our team consists of doctors, nurses, engineers and safety professionals as well as members of transport company teams and we are working hard to provide everything necessary according to our regular capabilities under very difficult transportation conditions.

You can support us by purchasing our products, the proceeds of which go to purchase the materials needed to protect against the Corona pandemic. Or by spreading our idea and goal through social media and the Internet.

If you are interested in partnering, please email us:



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